7 june 2009 Knøtte turnering

Jotun - ÅTIL match in Aurland today...Patrick playes defence,and he scored 2 goals today  :)
Patrick and Anders ...                                 Time to get the cup...:)
        Jotun.. Patricks team after 9 matches played today...Very happy boys!
Patrick with his cup.                              Emma and her cosin Liv Otonie..

Årdal FK-Fjøra 3-2

Fjøra was in the lead with 2-0 until the 2 round,but then it turned,and Årdal FK got 3 goals and won the match...
The kids was playing when it was break,and all the dads was able to show off theyer kids talents...The future off Årdal FK :)But when the match started again,Emma tought it got a bit boring so she took a walk with a friends baby brother.I think she wants one off her own now...hahahaha:)
After the match Emma and i visited my grandparents,and we had some food there before we went home.Patrick was still out playing football with some friends,but Emma was so tired that she just wanted to take a bath and go to bed,so by 20.00 clockshe was sleeping

Årdals"Stova" is gone....


One off the oldest buildings in Øvre Årdal,from the beginning off 1900 will soon be gone...They started tearing the building down this morning,and its not much left off it now!
I acually think its sad,because everyone has alot off memories around that building..But thats just how it is,and theres nothing we can do about it..

This day so far

It was soooo hard to get out off bed this morning...
I just wanted to sleep more and more,but when i got out off the house everything was just ok:)
I had alot to do at work today,and because i had to leave 1hour before i acually was finish working,i had to work fast....but it was the first day after the weekend,so it was realy dirty!!!!

I have learned 1 thing from this job..and that is "men are like pigs"..at least some off them;(
They pii all over the toilet and even on the floor,but they never clean up after them self!



The song off the day..

Dire Straits - Brothers in arms

Good night

A new day is over,and its time to go to sleep again.
To be honest i should have been sleeping already,because tomorrow im going to work again so i have to get up around 5.30 in the morning!!And thats early..
We have had 3 days off from work now,and we had a wonderful time:) Beautiful wether,just like summer!
I acually got a little bit sunburned to...hehe,but thats ok:)

Good night and sweet dreams to everyone..

Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger.
Honour your parents,
teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to everything

Live your life,like there will never ne a second chanse..
Have no regrets


The fenomenon off the day..

There is acually a rainbow around the sun....??
And between the sun and the rainbow the sky is darker than on the outside off the rainbow..
I was so suprised when i saw this today,and it lasted for maby 1-2 hours
What is this,have you ever seen something like this before??
I sure havnt....if you know what this is,please tell me!


The picture is taken in Øvre Årdal 1.june-09

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my little corner....right here,right now!!

my little corner....right here,right now!!

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Im 29 years off age,my name is Marianne and im married to the most beautiful man on this earth!And i have two wonderful children:)



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